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Crispus Attucks

Crispus Attucks Elementary School is a prime example of the careless decision-making CPS makes in transferring students after a school closing. Attucks, with a population of 275 students had 96.9% of the students from low-income, and 43% or 131 of the students identify as homeless. In 2013 Attucks students were transferred to Beethoven, three blocks north, where 75 of the students were homeless- thereby having a population of ⅓ of the students homeless. 


But, the community continued to fight. Purchased in 2005 by the city the vacant building entered a lease agreement with the African-American Museum. This 20-year lease also gives the museum directors first right of refusal if the city decides to put the building up for sale. In total, the city, state, and museum contributed about 230,000 to secure the building yet since then no further official conversation by the council has been made. 





Researched by Julia Lopes



More information:

  • Bronzeville

  • 5055 State Street

  • Building Area: 63200 sqft

  • Land Area: 63779

  • Named after Crispus Attucks, an icon of the anti-slavery movement.


  • Status: Closed, transitioned to Beethoven Elementary School.

  • Sale price: $100,000 

  • Sale Date:

  • Repurposing Proposal: 

Image by John Krugler

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