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Avantgarde Cinema

This digital media piece was orginally presented at neighboring during the Bronzeville Art District 2018 Trolley Tours, by the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network and used as an incentive for artists/residents to implement as a project for the ongoing cultural planning/programming. This project was developed by facilitating neighborhood participation in cultural activities in the Bronzeville Art District Trolley Tours, and was featured on July 20th in the empty storefront at 436 E.47th Street. This project travels now to Overton to activate the vacancy of a classroom space. air.single.superimpose.airiness.marvelous.grandeur.structure.



impact.disagree.experiment.bad year.powerful.nature.past.


2+3...three thousand miles.mysterious.everything.measured.vertical.


CHA...i’m trying to disagree.that would bring us together in the same way.

Description taken from Alpha Bruton's blog.


Project Team

Alpha Bruton*

Renee Baker*

*project leaders