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Basketball (Art) Court

Basketball (Art) Court project is a continuation of design installations transforming the parking lot surrounding Overton that started in 2017 with the Chicago Extra-Large map. This project was designed and implemented between May and September of 2021, and organized by designers-in-residence at Borderless –Ruth Levy and Gordon Johnson. We are grateful for the help, energy, enthusiasm and time of many volunteers who helped to paint this vibrant artwork while making space together this Summer. 

Meet Me in the Middle


"My name is Jade Foreman, a native Southsider, and student at Spelman College. My artistic intention is that the ambiguity in representation creates a mirror for the viewer and allows the work to take on infinite lives. This mural represents all of us, individuals connected through intricacies, a reflection of our community. As an artist, I am most fulfilled by making art and sharing it with others. As a community member,  I am most fulfilled by our coming together and collaboration. The making of Meet Me in the Middle has been an incredible experience for which I am grateful to my Overton family and the neighborhood kids for their energy, help, and inspiration. Thank you for painting with me."


–Jade Foreman


This project was supported by Elevated Chicago.

Project Team:

Jade Foreman

Ruth Levy

Gordon Johnson

Volunteers (in alphabetical order):

Aamena Ansari

Afam Anigbo

Alex Ferreira

Allison Kappeyne

Angel McReynolds

Aurora Toshiko King

Ayesha Riaz

Cadelia Coleman

Claire Wagner 

Craig Pavord

Emma Jansinki

George Pistilos

Ghian Foreman

Gladys Coleman

Giovana Geluda

Ilya Deynega 

Khabrim Diallo

Laron McReynolds

Lid Madrid 

Lily Hernandez 

Manzanita King

Nahshon Kimble

Patsy Newitt

Ruslan White

Sahitya Arulalan

Sheena Chow

Tiffany Bobbit

Traci Smith Foreman

Valerie Wong

Vitaly Vladimirov

We know we might have missed a few names in this list…

Please email us to include you at


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