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Anthony Overton image.jpg

Image by Future Firm and Suzie Shang

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Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 2.37.17 PM_edi

Image by Future Firm / Ann Lui

Before the Beginning, After the End

Before the beginning, after the end is an immersive film and video installation, which explores Bronzeville from Anthony Overton's opening in 1963 through to the distant future and back again. Mixing archival video from the South Side Home Movie Project with new cinematic renderings by Future Firm, this project is a time machine: taking the viewer at accelerated speed through the building's life, heydey, closure, and possible futures. Visitors participate by sharing both memories and speculations for the neighborhood; a soundtrack of popular songs from various decades sets the mood.


Project Team

Ann Lui* (Future Firm)

Craig Reschke* (Future Firm)

Suzie Shang*

Lanye Luo

*project leaders

More information:

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