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Image by Lianne Ahn


Miriam G. Canter

Miriam G. Canter Middle School was closed as part of school closings in 2013. Categorized as a level 3 "On Probation" school, students from Canter were transferred to the level 2 "Welcoming Schools,"Ray Elementary and Harte Elementary that are within a mile radius. 

Canter received a level 3 standing because of low enrollment, under utilization, and high cost to maintain and update the building. 
The building is now being re-purposed as an extension for Kenwood Academy, a level 1 "Good standing" Chicago Public school. 


Researched by Lianne Ahn

  • Kenwood

  • 4959 S Blackstone Ave

  • Building Area: 42300 sqft

  • Land Area: 62840 sqft

  • Named after Miriam G. Canter, a political activist along with her husband who fought to keep Wirth, the former name for Canter, from being closed by CPS several times.


  • Status: Closed, transitioned to Ray Elementary School and Harte Elementary School

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