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Image by Could Be Architecture

Carpet Creatures

This project plans to position vibrant carpet tiles and concrete cylinders within a classroom in Overton Elementary School to recast the room as an inhabitable game board, a field of play, and a platform for conjuring memories and scheming the future. The carpet tiles and concrete cylinders strike lines, suggest grids, and imply zones that offer an organizational framework for the community to congregate and assume temporary ownership. As a game with no set rules, a playing field with no out-of-bounds, the classroom becomes a color-infused arena for playful occupation and conversation. Neighbors are invited to bring their own chairs and position them within and around the intervention as desired.

What can you learn by working with this team?

architectural design, exhibit design, graphic/environmental design, participatory programming

What interests, knowledge or skills could be helpful to have (but not required) to participate? 

collaborators interested in the relationships between color, shape and space, and the power of play, humor, intimacy, and joy


Project Team

Could Be Architecture* (Joseph Altshuler & Zack Morrison)

Ladipo Famodu

Darrell McKinney

More about this project:

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