Drawings by Mauricio Forero

Catalog Classroom

Catalog Classroom is an installation that works with the elements of a classroom (desks and chairs) as furniture that can be assembled and disassembled in the fashion of what you get in a furniture store like IKEA. By doing this, the project compares educational assets (schools) with merchandise that can be bought or discarded. The chairs and desks made of reclaimed materials are small in size to emphasize the dimensions of the classroom as something of relevance.

Alongside the furniture, a board is displayed showing a drawing of each element for assembly, and a set of catalogs will be provided that contain instructions on how to build each piece. The board, chairs and desks have a logo with the word “Overton”in reference to the name of the former elementary school building.


Project Team

Mauricio Forero* in collaboration with Katanya Raby

*project leaders

Photos: Sophia Forero

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