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Chicago-XL + Tracking Room

Chicago-XL begins with a large-scale map of Chicago's neighborhoods, to visualize the public schools that were closed in 2013, and the process of their repurposing - it also serves as a physical inventory of locations, status, and proposed new uses. The first iteration of this map was completed as part of Opening Closings, an initiative held in Fall 2017.

As part of this summer's (2018) update, we are in the process of highlighting the South Side neighborhoods in orange, to coincide with the Tracking Room installation, as well as Overton's location in the South Side. The tracking room will feature "islands" of the South Side neighborhoods, encouraging visitors to maneuver around them to find out the details and history behind all the closed schools in the South Side of Chicago.

It is important to better understand collectively the future of these sites, our social infrastructure, and think about positive opportunities for repurposing processes.

What can you learn by working with this team?

systematic research & inventory, visualization & drawing, design thinking

What interests, knowledge or skills could be helpful to have (but not required) to participate? 

urban planning, community organizing, visual arts, data analysis


Project Team

Paola Aguirre*

Valerie Wong*

Winee Lau

Lily Hernandez

Jessica Moon

Ian Wong


Dennis Milam

Jorge Mauricio Casian

*project leaders

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