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Photos: Juliet Dervin

Connecting Paths

In this interactive exhibit, visitors are invited to trace a journey from South to North by creating colorful paths through a large-scale maze in the shape of US states.


In honor of Anthony Overton, the maze begins in Monroe, Louisiana, where he was born in 1865.


 It ends in Chicago, where Overton eventually settled and where he built the first major African American conglomerate in the US with diverse businesses spanning such industries as cosmetics, insurance, banking, news, and real estate.


Visitors were invited to remove the maze, leaving behind the paths to act as a vibrant reminder of the personal, cultural and historical connections with the South that continue to make Chicago the City it is today.


Project Team:

Juliet Dervin, Szia Media*, Robert and Mary Steenson

*project leader

More information about this project:

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