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Nathaniel Dett


When Sold: 2013

Sold to: Christy  Webber, BNA Holdings

Purpose: A center for women and girls or an artist incubator. 


Source: Source: @Stephanie Lulay, Twitter, February 4, 2016 5:53am

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Source: Pu Pu, with information from & Google Map


Investment in Skinner, Dett and Brown. 

Source: Pu Pu, with information from CPS Capital and Program Investment 2011-2018


Dett's Economic Crisis

“Skinner West, closest to downtown, serves a diverse but relatively middle-class student population.Skinner West is receiving a $20 million building annex to serve an additional 500 students. Both Brown and Dett Elementary serve a population nearly 90% FRL, and over 90% African American. Yet Brown will get just $5 million for a programmatic investment, and Dett will receive no investment at all.”


-Pavlyn Jankov , May 13 2018, The Wrong Side of Ashland: Skinner, Dett and Brown

​Infrastructures around Dett

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