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John B. Drake

Sold: Feb 24, 2016 

Sold to: International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Purpose:Offices and meeting space and vocational/trades training and mentor programs. 


Source: Paola Aguirre Serrano


Drake's Infrastructures around


Source: Pu Pu, with information of & Google Map


Source: Source: Sun-Times metioned in Eve L. Ewing,Gost in the School Yard, P105 


Source: Pu Pu with the information from Google Map

A Better School?

 “it’s just not enough ...district officials are too reliant on test scores to provide a 360 degree view of a school’s educational quality.”


Eve L. Ewing,Gost in the School Yard, P105

“Thus changing the school’s name was perceived as an affront not only to the school’s legacy, but to the history of Bronzeville and of African American heroes in general.”



Just as a point of clarification, where it says that Drake will be relocating to the Williams Elementary and Middle building.

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