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A Monument to Negro Thrift

and Enterprise

The activation illustrates Anthony Overton and the history of Bronzeville as the Black Metropolis and distills the idea of making community from thrift, innovation and hustle. Found objects, media and lights were used to create an environment that alludes to making something out of very little.


Question: “What’s the spirit of Anthony Overton and how can we infuse it into a room for the benefit of the community?”


Deciding on THRIFT, INNOVATION  & HUSTLE  as the markers of the man Overton, the team committed to using only items readily available or immediately at hand (THRIFT), arranging them in the most artistic way possible (INNOVATION), and work hard to complete the project while blending together each team members unique ideas about the space with the call-out for community support (HUSTLE).


Project Team:

Bronzeville Smart Team

Lead Artist:  Michael Thomas*

Lead Architect: Ann Panope

Paula Robinson, Walter Freeman* Ann Nicklin

Daryl Hite, Nancy Jackson

*Community Residents


Special Thanks to Community Contributors;

Tangible Things Retail Store, Bronzeville Babies Collection, Black Metropolis Convention & Tourism Council, Bronzeville Emporium 

Lead artist: Michael Thomas / Photo: Brandon Fields 


Photo: Brandon Fields 


Photo: Brandon Fields 

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