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Image by Jurassic Studio

Our Great, Great Wall

A design installation aiming to gauge the political stature of our built environment. This project is a reminder of the inherent political significance of our designed objects and spaces, and is a call to action to use forms and spaces to participate in the political discourse.  “Our Great, Great Wall” is a site of diversity and collectivity as the building blocks of beauty.

The wall – an item of separation, division – it a partition between two things.  A threshold between one side and another.  But the wall is also an assemblage of parts.  A collection of self-similar units that only work when supported by another.  Without the wall there would be no built environment.  Just like without people we would have no politics.

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Project Team

Jennifer Park (Jurassic Studio)*

Norman Teague (BlkHaUS)*

Ravina Puri

Simiran Singh

Harshitaa Agrawal

*project leaders

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