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Image by Lianne Ahn

Francis Parkman

Parkman Elementary School was closed as part of school closings in 2013. Categorized as a level 3 "on probation" school, students from Parkman were transferred to the level 2 "welcoming school" Jesse Sherwood School that is within a mile radius. 

The school received a level 3 standing because of low enrollment, under utilization, and high cost to maintain and update the building. 
The building is still up for sale with restrictions on what programs can occupy the space. 


Researched by Lianne Ahn

  • Fuller Park

  • 245 W 51st St

  • Building Area: 104200 sqft

  • Land Area: 127832 sqft

  • Named after an American historian in the 1800's who is most well known for his book, The Oregon Trail: Sketches of Prairie and Rocky-Mountain Life.


  • Status: Closed, transitioned to Jesse Sherwood School

  • Minimum bid: $365,000 

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