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Techquity is an installation based on the ethos of civic tech: a movement of technologists, policy-makers and activists who work together with communities to create technology that empowers those communities. This space explores the potential promises and challenges of technology in our civic lives, as well as empowers residents through data storytelling, and providing a venue for technical learning and mentorship. The installation uses public data from the City of Chicago’s data portal to tell an artistic story related to Bronzeville’s challenges and its potential. In addition, the physical space will be formatted to serve as a meeting place for South Side Code & Coffee, a weekly meetup for folks interested in technology from across the South Side of the city.


A community that understands the numbers behind social challenges is better equipped to find solutions. A community that understands technology inequities is better equipped to fight for equity. 


Project Team

Soren Spicknall*

Megan Krout*

Chris Freda

Therea Vidalon

Annie Zorn


*project leaders


Photos: Brandon Fields 

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