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Photos: Ally Almore

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The Journey

“The Journey” engages the visitor through a narrative that bridges the past to the present. This installation focuses on African American history, which plays a critical role in making Chicago the city it is today. Since the Great Migration during the 1920’s the movement of African Americans to Chicago, in particular, to Chicago’s South Side neighborhoods, including the location of this exhibit, Bronzeville, has left an indelible legacy of black culture and history. Vulnerable, facing racial bigotry, economic and educational discrimination, poverty, and violence, the citizens of these communities have faced significant challenges to gaining stability in their lives.  Generations have struggled in moving from city to city, neighborhood to neighborhood, and home to home. The journey continues. It matters.


Project Team:

Brininstool + Lynch (Brad Lynch, Mina Rezaeian, Brett Simon, David Siepmann, Catie Schroeder, Callie Eitzen Kesel, Stephen Kesel)


Photos: Mina Rezaeian

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