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Photo: Sara Pooley

Whose Art Is It Anyway?

The original mural was finished in August 2008, when Overton Elementary was still in operation. It portrays an image of Anthony Overton and President-Elect Obama (at the time), seeing the accomplishments of the students at Overton, and acts as a tribute to the Bronzeville 47th Street Arts and Cultural District.

For [8x3], Alpha Bruton revisits the piece, taking into consideration the changes in assumptions and context that occurred when the school was closed in 2013. The updates to the mural will reflect how public art evolves with the purpose of the building, from elementary school to co-working incubation space, as it is still in its transition phase.


Project Team

Alpha Bruton*

Kendi Lacour

Kayla Spear

*project leaders

More about this project:


Sketchbook pages from Alpha Bruton

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