Photos: Ally Amore, Paola Aguirre

Bronzeville (+)

Bronzeville (+) is a scaled map of Bronzeville drawn in the grounds of the Anthony Overton Elementary School, intended as an interactive tool for guided tours, conversations, and mapping processes to create spatial awareness of the neighborhood. A follow up to Chicago Extra-Large (2017), which mapped the public schools closed in 2013, Bronzeville (+) aims to visualize the neighborhood’s spatial dimensions and highlight its formal and informal assets while creating a place for local encounters and fostering exploratory walks. 


Project Team + Collaborators:

Paola Aguirre (Borderless Studio)

Lianne Ahn

Matt Weiss

Valerie Wong

Jessica Moon

Lily Hernandez

Christina Harris

Ladipo Famodu

Kerwit Williams

Camille Applewhite

Kacie Smith

Lauren Burdette

Melis Simsek

Stacey Adams

Chandra Rouse

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