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Chalk about Humanity

Chalk about Humanity is an interactive installation that brings together different games to reflect on segregation by classes of people. Each game of life invites visitors to role play in a different social class to create an overall reflection of The Human Experience. This Human Experience in which we Chalk about Humanity is an experiment meant to invoke others to feel a little more deeply about humanity. No one is born knowing what game they are meant to play on the great stage of life, yet we all still have to play it just the same.


As in the Game of Life we don’t just play straight through the game – we need leisure time to actually sit back and Chalk about Humanity. Using the classroom as a both gameboard and open canvas, participants are invited to reflect while contributing with drawings or narratives to one of the “board sections”: If you possessed omnipotent power, what would you do to make HUMANITY better?



Lieutenant Norals IV

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