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Photos: Ally Amore, Paola Aguirre, Sandra Steinbrecher

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Equitable Access

Equitable Access is a project organized by Lefty Boyd – founder of I am Chicago Basketball Network, program that offers basketball training to youth and young adults using the gymnasium at Overton since 2018. In collaboration with graffiti artists Miguel Aguilar "Kane One", P. Chuck, Lavie Raven, and Roderick Sawyer "Rodo Saw", they’ve  create wall-scale positive messages and visuals at former Anthony Overton School in  Bronzeville – using the exterior of the school building as a collaborative canvas. During multiple days over the Summer, this group of artists gathered and invited community to create collective art and learn more about graffiti culture while teaching art techniques.


Project Team + Collaborators:

Lefty Boyd (I Am Chicago Basketball Network)

Miguel Aguilar "Kane One"

Lavie Raven

Roderick Sawyer "Rodo Saw"

P. Chuck

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