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Cultural and Climate Resilience @Anthony Overton

Photo: Brandon Biederman

We had a unique year at Anthony Overton. The Climate and Cultural Resilience Project was an opportunity for us to activate the space at Anthony Overton while also following COVID-19 restrictions.

The Climate and Cultural Resilience project uses a large scale map installation on the grounds of Overton to create awareness about aging infrastructure, increase of impervious surfaces that ate contributors to neighborhood flooding, and the need for investment in green infrastructure to promote a more resilient and equitable future. The project integrates a map installation showcasing the permeability of Bronzeville using colored watershed zones, and new rain gardens transforming a surface parking area. Through collaboration with local youth and community residents, the project not only aims to raise awareness on the importance of stormwater management, but also to create a shared understanding of our neighborhoods' infrastructure, resources and the possibilities to promote resilient communities.

Vote for our film in the AIA Film Challenge here!

We are very grateful for all of the participants in this project:

Aamena Ansari

Alec Miller

Allauna Landheart

Angela Gronroos

Ann Panopio

Aqsa Tahir

Asiye Yukselen

Ayesha Riaz

Beatriz Beckford

Caleb Boyd

Carly Zagorski

Cassandra Rice

Corey Adams

Em Davenport

Evelyn Burd

Gage Kroll

Genevieve Wasser

Giovana Geluda

Haley Pesci

Henry Ochoa

Isabel Fitzpatrick-Meyers

Isabella ostos

Ilya Deynega

Ivy Ledford

Jacob Pesci

Jade Foreman

J'Khayla Johnson

Karli Honroth

Kelechi Agwuncha

Kemon Adams

Lewis Ndikumana

Lidia Madrid

Lily Parker

Louisa Zheng

Mackenzie Lukas

Malcolm Ryshavy

Matthew Raigosa

Matt Weiss

Mejay Gula

Nadia John

Nate Krout


Noa Lipsky

Nyjah Johnson

Olivia Alcabes

Paloma Locsin

Ramsey Bell

Sally Unger

Sharlene Yulita

Stacey Adams

Stacey Adams, Jr.

Stephanie Adams

Susan Carlotta Ellis

Tina Lamkey

Valeria Bernal

Valerie Wong

Zoe Miller

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