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Community Day for Celebration (June)

Attendees pose for a group shot. (Photo: Joe Ignatius)

This month’s Community Day gave us an opportunity to celebrate two milestones of the season: putting the finishing touches on both the garden and the Chicago XL Mural. 

It was an especially colorful day, literally: volunteers filled in the outlines of our larger-than-life pavement map, little hands painted their own pots, balloons bobbed in the air, and of course, new leaves and petals dotted the planters. Under the sun and with music around us, we took a moment to appreciate how this space we’re making is coming together. 

We hope you’ll join us next time and leave your mark, too. See you soon:

Saturday, July 20th 

11:00 am - 3:00 pm

4927 S Indiana Avenue @ Overton

A young gardener waters the plants. (Photo: Joe Ignatius)

Volunteers color in the Chicago XL Mural. (Photo: Joe Ignatius)

Young volunteers craft while an attendee shows them a picture book. (Photo: Joe Ignatius)

Volunteers pitch in to tend to the garden together. (Photo: Joe Ignatius)

Photos by Joe Ignatius

This project is funded through the City of Chicago's Public Outdoor Plaza (POP!) program, a part of Mayor Brandon Johnson's Road to Recovery Plan.


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