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Community Day for Poetry (July)

Our volunteer crew and many new faces came together on July 22nd for a soothing Community Day at Overton. We tended to the garden and sipped fresh herbal tea before featured guest Justus Cornelius Pugh walked us through a poetry workshop, all while Sean Black played guitar gently in the background. Attendees journaled, shared their writing, and gathered in a circle to improvise words and song together.

This event centered around healing, wellbeing and care—some of the themes we’re exploring through our Community Days this summer. On August 19th we’ll be back at Overton for another refreshing evening. We hope to see you there!

Saturday, August 19th, 5:30-8:30p

Overton Elementary, 4927 S Indiana Avenue @ Overton

Learn more about Community Days or sign up to join the garden crew.

A volunteer waters a mint plant. Photo: Tonal

Attendees chat over fresh tea. Photo: Tonal

Justus Cornelius Pugh introduces himself to the group. Photo: Tonal

An attendee reads aloud some writing in a sharing circle while Sean Black plays guitar in the background. Photo: Tonal

An attendee shares a poem written during the workshop. Photo: Tonal

Photos: Tonal


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