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Community Day for Wellness (June)

On a breezy June 24th, we gathered to catch up and get our hands dirty in the garden. To nurture our bodies along with the soil, artist and dancer Leana Allen led us in a couple reinvigorating yoga practices.

This summer, Community Days are all about wellbeing on many levels—of the land, of ourselves as individuals, and as a community. In addition to growing the garden, our Saturday gatherings are a space to share and exchange practices of creativity, regeneration, rest, and peace for us to heal together.

Our next session takes place July 22nd, 5:30-8:30pm. More details soon.

For more information about this Summer click here.

Our team and volunteers in our new Overton shirts. Photo: Joe Ignatius

Volunteers preparing a planter bed. Photo: Joe Ignatius

Team member Kenya Davis helping us coordinate our watering schedule. Photo: Joe Ignatius

Our featured guest, Leana Allen, demonstrates a stretch. Photo: Joe Ignatius

Leana Allen leads us in our last stretch of the day. Photo: Joe Ignatius


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