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Community Day for What’s Next (September)

Our final Community Day of the year took place on the cool, sunny morning of September 23rd. We were joined by three different organizations supporting community-led projects across Chicago: the Center for Neighborhood Technology, We Build Agency, and Elevated Chicago. Scored by the sound of wildflowers rustling and insects droning, our hosts taught us all about rain gardens—how they take in and filter excess precipitation, what kinds of plants they support, and the best ways to care for them. This time learning and reflecting in the garden gave us an opportunity to dream up, together, what the garden will grow next.

With that, we’re closing out the season at Overton. If you joined us at any point, even if just reading these updates from afar, thank you. Let’s keep making the Overton gardens a place for everyone.

The whole group smiling on the lawn. Photo: Tonal

A few guests carrying an informative sign on rain gardens. Photo: Tonal

Three attendees wandering around the rain garden. Photo: Tonal

Three folks inside the Overton building, laughing and chatting. Photo: Tonal

Photos: Tonal


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