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Opening Closings at the Chicago Architecture Biennial

Mark your calendars! During Saturday, October 7, Creative Grounds welcomes neighbors and community at large to learn about former Anthony Overton Elementary's past, present and future. Former Anthony Overton Elementary School located in Bronzeville (Chicago) closed in 2013, after over 50 years, and was bought by Washington Park Development Group in 2015. As this site prepares for its redevelopment into an entrepreneurship center, a series of outdoor collaborative design interventions—including projection, art installations and mapping—aim to reflect and celebrate its design legacy, introduce its renewed identity and propose new program opportunities to connect with the surrounding community.

Borderless Studio is teaming up with DOCOMOMO-US Chicago and Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education in response to the 43 Chicago school closures that occurred in 2013. Working in a participatory framework that engages local youth and the broader Chicago community, the three groups have created a series of tours and workshops focused on the former Anthony Overton Elementary School (closed in 2013 and under redevelopment), which also houses an exhibit by high school students from Daniel Hale Williams Preparatory School of Medicine in Bronzeville.

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