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Community Day for A New Start (April)

After a winter away, we’re back at Overton for another season of Community Days.

Volunteers plot out what crops to grow before planting seeds (Photo: Glenn Willoughby).

April 28th was the perfect spring day to kick things off in the garden. The sun and breeze sustained a small but mighty crew of new and returning volunteers, who got our planter beds ready for growing. As we lay down fresh soil and picked out seeds, the conversation meandered: how someone’s mother used to live down the street, how you can make tea with lavender, how Chicagoans like to use our alleys, and so on. It was, as Garden Steward Cindy Cambray called it, a “cross-pollination” of thoughts and ideas.

We hope you'll join us this season as we learn what fruits our garden may grow. Our next Community Day is:

Saturday, May 18th

11:00 am - 3:00 pm

4927 S Indiana Avenue @ Overton

View of Overton volunteers tending to the garden, taken from the south (Photo: Glenn Willoughby).

Two volunteers fill up a wheelbarrow with soil (Photo: Glenn Willoughby).

A volunteer raking soil (Photo: Glenn Willoughby)

Garden Steward Lyndon Valicenti lining a planter bed with gardening fabric (Photo: Glenn Willoughby).

Photos: Glenn Willoughby


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