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Community Day for Marking Our Spot (May)

The garden crew poses on planter boxes (Photo: Joe Ignatius)

On a sunny Saturday, May 18th, volunteers gathered at Overton for another Community Day. We arrived to find neat rows of dewy, bright green sprouts in place of the seeds we sowed last month—a steadying sign of our seasonal efforts beginning to take root. 

As our crew tended to the garden, artists Bella Willis and Gordon Johnson are helping to recreate our Chicago XL Mural, a large-scale painted map of the city that stretches across what used to be a parking lot. Originally made to record the sites of school closures, our pavement mural has since become “a really cool tool to discover who comes to this place,” says founder Paola Aguirre. 

The map mural will be completed in the next weeks - neighbors and visitors will have a chance to volunteer and help paint this piece! The artists are organizing a Paint Day on June 8.

Want to take part in creating this space with us? We still have a summer of Community Days ahead. Catch us next time:

Saturday, June 15th

11:00am - 3:00pm 

4927 S Indiana Avenue @ Overton

New sprouts coming in (Photo: Joe Ignatius)

Artist Gordon Johnson outlining the mural (Photo: Joe Ignatius)

Aerial view of the Chicago XL mural (Photo: Joe Ignatius)

Photos by Joe Ignatius


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